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Empower Women: Join us in making a Difference!

Dear Family & Friends, 

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to you with an opportunity to make a a meaningful impact in the lives of women in our community. Eloquently Spoken is fundraising to support our Women's Support Group, a vital space where women come together to share experiences, provide mutual support, and empower one another. We have witnessed incredible transformations and resilience within our community, and with your help, we can continue to foster this positive change. 

Here's how your donation can make a difference 

The Facilitation of Meetings: Your contribution will help us organize and facilitate support group meetings where women can connect, share, and find strength in one another. 
Educational Workshops: We aim to provide valuable resources through workshops on various topics such as self-care, mental health, and professional development, creating an environment that promotes personal growth. 
Community Outreach: With your support, we can extend our outreach efforts to reach more women who may benefit from our support group, ensuring that no one feels alone on their journey. 

To contribute. please send monies via Zelle to [email protected]

Every donation, no matter the size, brings us closer to creating a stronger, more supportive community for Women. Thank you for considering our cause and we look forward to making a positive impact together.

Warm regards,

Tangier Wallace
Eloquently Spoken 
[email protected]