Upcoming Meetings

Upcoming Meeting: 2/21/24 @7pm via Zoom.
Upcoming Topic: Love, Sex & A Sidepiece
Zoom ID #252-563-5285

So what we doing? Are we wasting our time in 2024 with a relationship that may not be going anywhere? Is there a possibility of someone who can really love you but you are procrastinating on allowing that love to take place? Are you allowing your past trauma in other relationships bring fear to an existing relationship? If you answered YES to any of these questions, See you at the upcoming meeting!!!!
Eloquently Spoken has Monthly Meetings every 3rd Wednesday of each month via Zoom at 7pm. 

In the warm and inviting atmosphere of our Women's Support Group meeting, a diverse tapestry of experiences converges with a shared spirit of camaraderie. As we gather, the room is filled with an energy that is both comforting and empowering. Laughter, empathy and understanding flow freely as women from all different walks of life come together to discuss, share and uplift one another. Our discussions cover a spectrum of topics- from navigating career challenges and personal growth to the balancing of familial responsibilities. The group is guided through thoughtful exercises and prompts that encourage self-reflection and a deeper connection of oneself and each other. It's a space where vulnerability is celebrated, and where the collective wisdom becomes a wellspring of support. Amidst the exchange of stories, advise and shared resources, friendships are nurtured and a sense of solidarity blooms. In this Women Support Group meeting, we not only find solace in the understanding eyes and compassionate words of our fellow members but also draw strength from the shared journey of womanhood. It's a haven where we learn, grow and stand together, stronger for the bonds we've forged in these empowering gatherings. 

Invite a Friend and Come join us‼️
We welcome you to join our platform of Eloquently Spoken Women and become apart of this Sisterhood. ES is where you come to be Inspired!

As always Eloquently Spoken is here for you and can be contacted via our email @[email protected] and through our Instagram page @eloquentlyspoken4us
Please see links on contact page. We express our gratitude to everyone who has been supporting us over the years and ask that you continue to support our community of Women who are dedicated to Healing & Growth. 

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