Past Event

  • Sip n Paint-February 18,2023
Eloquently Spoken celebrated 3 years in Business and we celebrated together in a big way. The night was fabulous. To be in a room amongst supportive people is Ahhhhmazing. I would like to personally Thank everyone who came out to support my business, those who sent gifts & the bouquet of flowers that was presented to me during the event. I appreciate all of the support that has been provided throughout the past 3 years. I really appreciate my ES members.

Karaoke Holiday Celebration-December 17, 2023

Eloquently Spoken gifted the Ladies of ES a night of fun with food, dancing, laughter and horrible singing 😂 . We had a wonderful night and look forward to what the New Year has in store for us. 

Some of the Ladies of Eloquently Spoken

CEO of Eloquently Spoken
CEO of Eloquently Spoken-Tanji

As always we continue to spread positivity and sistahood! 
  • Xtreme Hip Hop Class-9/30/23 @10am 
  • Karaoke Night-12/17/23 @5:30pm
  • HerStory-TBD-Every Woman has a story and those stories is what shaped their lives today. Do you have a story to share? If so, join us.  
  • Mompreneur Expo-TBD-Eloquently Spoken will be hosting an event for Moms who are running small businesses so that they may showcase their Products. 
  • Fundraiser Event- Oct-Feb 2024 ES is fundraising to establish funds to help with the growth of the business. Funds will be allocated towards community events, members, team building and much more. For further info; Please see Donations tab to see how you may assist. Eloquently Spoken thanks you in advance for your generosity.