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Eloquently Spoken launched in 2020 and had the pleasure of hosting its 1st Retreat in April 2021. The retreat was held at Crystal Springs Resort in NJ. The retreat created Sisterhood and provided a powerful impact amongst the attendees. 

Our 2nd Retreat, will take place in April 2024. We will be heading to Los Angeles for the "Pretty Woman" themed retreat. 

We are excited about what this retreat will offer. As always we look forward to the sistahood. And if you know anything about us, there's always an Eloquently Spoken meeting.

If you are interested in attending, please contact us using the tab labeled Contact & we will get back to you in a timely manner. 

Nevertheless, Eloquently Spoken will be having some amazing moments throughout the year with the E.S. Ladies. Stop by our monthly meetings or you can stay up to date by checking out our Events tab, so that you too may be privy to what's next for Eloquently Spoken. 

Caution: You are subject to have FUN! You might not want to miss out on this powerful weekend of Sistahood!

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